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Pensive Freelancer

Jon Bayliffe


Born in 1988 in Redditch, Jon was a relatively late comer to actively following motorsports, but his passion particularly for Formula One grew in the early 2000’s supporting Jenson Button.

Jon cut his teeth using a game pad to play F1 games in the mid 2000’s on the PlayStation, before switching to an Xbox with a racing wheel to play the Forza games. After many years playing various racing games on Xbox Jon discovered iRacing through YouTube videos during the first national lockdown in the UK.

By August he had built his own PC and had joined iRacing, spending time racing Mazda’s, GT3’s, GT4’s and eventually the Volkswagen Jetta – finishing runner up in the SimLab Production Car Challenge 3 seasons in a row!


The Racing Line Touring Car Championship

Season 1

Starts: -

Podiums: -

Highest Grid: -

Highest Finish: -

Fastest Laps: -

Standings: -


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