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Race Report: Media Day at Summit Point Raceway

After the field stopped admiring their liveries and posing for the cameras, a race broke out...

With Season 2 fast approaching and driver selection complete, we arrive at Summit Point Raceway for Media Day - one last pre season test before things kick off for real, by for real we mean points, by points we mean prizes.

21 returning drivers from Season 1 and 11 newcomers take to the track and for the first time we get to see them throw their diesel machines around in anger. Practice gets under way and gives both drivers and audiences a chance to admire new liveries, new teams, new drivers, new nationalities and familiar faces.

Pulsus eSports remains relatively unchanged keeping the same line up and livery apart from the newly dawned banner on the bonnet remind everyone who last seasons team champions were along with a shiny gold trim pattern. Masters of Torque Motorsport adopt a sleeker evolution of last seasons design but keep their famous orange livery along with new sponsor Easy Jetta. Donni Alfer-Henriksen joins the team and Jake Cranstone adopts the #1 car as last years champion.

Win it or Bin it Racing take an all-British line up round the track with a beautiful matte candy red machine with a chrome Union Jack rear. AllSports Racing becomes Zero Fawkes Given Racing and adopt a nice Jamaican based livery with an all-American line up. Team boss Martin Wallace is excited for the season ahead for the team.

Meatball Motorsport stay Cyan but mix this nicely with new driver Ciaran Dempsey's old Independent livery. Two Germans and an Irishman driving this car... No seriously, there's no punchline.

Lurchas Gaming Team arrive with a new simple and clean design with similar colours to Pulsus eSports. A nice split design where one half of the car has pink accents and the other side has blue.

Downunder Sim eSports emerges from the ashes of JP Simsheds. The new green machine has a strong Aussie theme with its double Aussie line up.

ORD Racing makes its new livery debut with a turquoise design by Lee Walker, who has become their full time designer across multiple categories. ORD is one of three teams that keep last seasons line up.

Notable Independent liveries are Van Der Woude's chrome beast, Vanolst's yellow wasp, Marais's South African machine and the bunny car of Dan Downing. 0.800s separated 24 drivers at the end of practice and qualifying brought much the same with 24 separated by 0.795. The order saw a mix of new and familiar names with Stephen King taking pole with Christopher Smith of ORD just 0.048 behind. Van Der Woude, Farr, Majarech and Cranstone the next 4 drivers all within .3 of pole.

The Sprint Race begins and new starter Dan Downing loses 6 places before turn 1 due to a poor start only beaten by Ciaran Dempsey who lost 9 place after being pushed wide onto the grass at T1. The rest of lap 1 was pretty feisty with door bangs up and down most notably between Germany and Agard with the latter losing 10 places as a result.

Up ahead a side by side battle with Bayliffe and Wallace in P11 evolves into a 3 wide fight as Amundaray joins in on the exit of the penultimate corner, Bayliffe winning this fight by the final corner.

Cranstone looked to have a met a match as he battled with Austin Farr in Downunder Sim eSports for P4 but eventually gets it done with a fantastic move round the outside of T4 but an over opportunistic move on Christopher Smith in T2 saw him slide and drop down the order.

The top 2 King and Van Der Woude would swap places lap after lap using both the inside and outside of T1. on Lap 9 we saw Ondrej Majarech out-brake himself into T1 taking Ray Oliver and Austin Farr out of P4 and P5 in the process, creating a healthy gap for the Top3 as they approach the last lap.

King heads round the outside of T1 inside of T2 and leads into T3 with Van Der Woude and Christopher Smith directly behind. It wasn't to be though as newcomer Alex Van Der Woude looks to the outside of the final corner, giving King flashbacks of 2021 Season 1 with Cranstone, creating a drag race to the line with Alexander winning by 0.014s and Christopher Smith 3rd 0.132 behind. Gregory Ottley scores a P4 on his debut race finishing ahead of Lekue, Majerech and Cranstone.

Top 12 get reversed in the feature as before meaning Ryan Smith starts on pole with Joshua Germany lining up along side. Daniel Downing repeats his poor start this time by not moving at all when the lights went out.

Germany takes the lead early on lap 1 as Bayliffe makes his way through to P2, Lap 2 sees Downing spin at T2 taking Ribeiro's engine with him shortly followed by Ray Oliver in T3 hitting the wall on the right.

Iker Lekue sends a move on Van Der Woude for p9 whilst Germany gets mugged of P1 by both Jon Bayliffe and Jake Cranstone, Josh would gain P2 back though after Bayliffe forces Cranstone wide dropping him to P4 behind Ryan Smith, Donni Alfer-Henriksen and Christopher Smith Pit on Lap 4 after contact.

Lewin and Ridley soon inherit P3 and P4 after contact between Joshua and Ryan but a clumsy move by Germany in T4 sees Ridley and Lewin to the grass.

Jon and Jake find themselves ahead of the field swapping places every lap until the pit stop phase where Cranstone somehow pulls out a 2s lead. it wasn't over though as Bayliffe pulls out an amazing stint using the remaining laps to close a tenth or 2 at a time. There didn't look to be enough laps but Jake makes a mistake drifting his car at T2 on Lap 17 of 18 allowing Jon to be right behind him.

Jon tries the inside of T4 but Jake keeps inside of T5, again at T1 on the final lap but Jake has the inside of T2 and forces Jon off, Jon keeps it pinned through the gravel and stays side by side into T3 this gives Jon the outside of T4, he brakes later than Jake but goes too wide on the exit and ruins his run on the grass.

Jake Cranstone wins 1.5s from Jon but 7.5s from King in 3rd.

Re-watch the Media Day here.

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