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Race Report: R10 Watkins Glen International

The nature of the Watkins Glen International Circuit provided classic restrictor plate like action, and after the dust had settled, we crowned our VW Jetta Cup Champion for Season 2...

A drivers favourite circuit from last season and a fair well to the original iRacing scan of Watkins Glen.

We return for the finale of Season 2 of the VW Jetta Cup. Cranstone takes his 7th pole of the season by a massive 0.313 seconds.

Farr and Morse and behind with a strong showing from Agard in P4 and championship rival Burkhard down in P5. All the drivers get away well with no incidents until the chicane. Germany moves across in the braking zone and crashes with Ridley - both spinning out. Lap 2 and Morse takes the lead from Cranstone using the slipstream into the chicane. Huffman and Majerech make contact further behind. Burkhard is now sitting in P3 behind his championship rival. Things could be getting feisty. Burkhard sends it into T1 but out brakes himself. Cranstone gets back past but so does Agard and Farr. Huffman then hits the back of Burkhard into the chicane which causes his car to spear into the side of Majerech. Wallace, King, Bayliffe, Marais, Vanolst and Alfer-Henriksen are also collected. Morse, Farr and Cranstone continue to battle for the win throughout the race. Morse takes the chequered flag from Farr and Cranstone. Amundaray takes the pole for the feature race. Burkhard crashing out means Cranstone takes the title for season 2! The lights go green for the final race of season 2.

Ribeiro gets tagged round and his car launches into the roof of Germany’s. Vanolst takes the lead from Amundaray into the chicane. Bayliffe has to cut the chicane and takes a painful slowdown.

Marais continues his form of spending more time in the pits as he gets sent into the barriers by Burkhard on Lap 2. The pit stops start on Lap 5 as Bayliffe and R.Smith gamble on an early stop. Blake is up there with Oliver, Vanolst, Amundaray and Cranstone fighting for the lead. They are all costing each other time to the early stoppers.

Cranstone pits on Lap 8 as Oliver, Vanolst and Amundaray continue their battle. That proved to be the correct choice as Oliver and Amundaray collide in the chicane taking both of them out of contention for a maiden victory. After all the stops it’s Alfer-Henriksen who leads from King, Morse and Bayliffe. The early stoppers really have taken an advantage.

Cranstone comes out down in P6 after fighting for lead earlier in the race. There are now 10 cars fighting for the win in the final race! The gloves are definitely off. Coming into the final lap of the race Morse takes the lead from Cranstone. Alfer-Henriksen gets bullied out at T1 and then cuts the chicane.

Agard gets spun by Blake. Both Masters of Torque Motorsport have had terrible luck on this final lap. Morse takes the win, securing the double. Followed by Bayliffe and championship winner Cranstone. Masters of Torque Motorsport clinch the teams championship in the final race and become the only team to score 1000 points this season.

Reigning champions Pulsus eSports finish P2 with Win It or Bin It Racing jumping Zero Fawkes Given Racing in the last round to take P3.

After a round to forget for Burkhard there is more heartache as he ends up finishing 3rd in the standings when we all thought it was a 2 horse race! A strong end the season secures P4 for Bayliffe.

Re-watch the action here

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