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Race Report: R3 Oran Park Raceway

Rounding off the Asian/Oceanic opening leg of the season, Oran Park Raceway produced enough action to satisfy us into the break week...

We fly south for the last race of the opening triple-header to Australia. Oran Park Raceway returns to the calendar after a stunning race in 2021 Season 1 saw Stephen King take a double win to re-ignite his championship challenge. Arguably the first "proper" circuit on this seasons' calendar - how many victims will T2 claim this time around?

First honours go to Morgan Burkhard who claims his second ever pole position just 0.044 ahead of Ciaran Dempsey who is no slouch potato behind the wheel. This makes it three different pole sitters in as many rounds. Row 2 goes to King and Bayliffe, Row 3 Alfer-Henriksen and Christopher Smith and Row 4 Majarech and Oliver.

T2 wastes no time in claiming Burkhard who goes to the grass and slides, Dempsey who broke too late and Majarech who met the wall at speed. King takes the lead from Dempsey in T3, Burkahrd somehow stays in P5. Cranstone was lucky to get away with a hit from the home talent of Ray Oliver as he had Christopher Smith to help keep him on track - Smith was not so lucky.

Jan Weißwange was the next T2 claimant whilst he was defending from Dan Thornton on Lap 4, followed by Alfer-Henriksen on Lap 5 who was scared wide by a charging Burkhard in P4.

Germany's woes continue as he gets passed by Cranstone he receives a slowdown which puts him behind Oliver in P7. He then made a desperate move into T3 which punted Oliver wide to fall down the order - Joshua received a time penalty after the race.

King takes the win making it 3 out of 3 at Oran Park Raceway with Dempsey holding 2nd for Meatball Motorsport and Bayliffe just holding onto 3rd from Morgan Burkhard behind. Lurchas Gaming Team's Jesus Amundaray brings it home in P8 for one of his strongest results, last season he finished P4 at Oran Park.

Before round 3 only 6 points separated Lewin and Cranstone. A clean start for the Feature sees every stay fairly tight together with Dan Thornton being one of the early movers up the field putting moves on Martin Wallace and his new rival Sam Vanolst but shortly after drives into the wall at the final turn resulting in a pit stop and a speeding penalty this ends Thorton's day early. Majarech started last from his incident in the Sprint he was one to watch for sure.

Blake goes wide at T2 meaning Caylor was forced to the outside of T3 which allows Ray Oliver to go side by side up the hill with Caylor. Contact at the exit of the bridge results in Ray having to take to the grass in avoiding action and gaining a slowdown in the process, couldn't be served in the usual fashion as he was in P3 and had the whole train of Jettas coming through. Ray did his best to stay out the way but Germany and Burkhard made it 3 wide into T10 & T11 with Josh finding out what it was like to be Andy Fox in Tsukuba going round and into the wall.

Lap 5 sees T2 claim another leader no less, Dan Blake goes off and Caylor takes the lead with Lewin piling on the pressure behind. Blake proceeded to have a side by side with second home man Kyle Ridley for the rest of the lap! for P8. Kyle then hit the wall on the final turn and pitted immediately along with a raft of others on Lap 6.

Ryan Smith sees Dan Downing into the wall at T1 in spectacular fashion across the dirt and further up the field disaster for Lurchas Gaming Team and Pulsus eSports as King and Amundaray come together in T7 and T8, Ending the Portuguese drivers race whilst Stephen drives a wounded car for the next 10 laps as both drivers had already pitted.

Jack Lewin meanwhile had been pressuring Caylor all race makes an attempt on the outside of T1 lap 19/20 and brakes on the grass goes wide and re-joins in 7th, but shortly after with only 1 and a half laps to go he pulls over and withdraws. If he had kept 2nd the gap to Cranstone would have been 1 point heading into the break, if he stayed in 7th it would have still only been 14 points.

Lewin went to the Stewards and handed in his license and will not be returning for the rest of the season.

Caylor wins from Alfer-Henriksen and Burkhard on the podium.

With Jake in P4, Masters of Torque Motorsport lead the teams' championship - the first time Pulsus eSports have not led the championship.

Duncan Marais after two no-point rounds scores double points with a P13 and P8.

Cranstone has a 22 point lead from King going into the break.

Re-watch the action here

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