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Race Report: R4 Red Bull Ring

The virtual Styrian hills produced a European Soap Opera, including a scary multi-car pile-up...

The four week European leg starts here. The day after a TRL day out at the BTCC where 7 of the drivers met up and enjoyed a day of racing.

Masters of Torque lead by 20 points, Cranstone leads by 22 points.

Track Limits are the talk of the town this week will anyone fall foul of them? Cranstone becomes the first driver this season achieve a second pole position, just 0.098 ahead of what looks to be his new championship rival Morgan Burkhard. Pulsus line up 3rd 4th 5th, Bayliffe in 6th and Downing and Majarech on Row 4 - Downing taking his best grid position yet.

Sprint Race begins its a clean lap 1 with only Ray Oliver heading to the pits with an issue but Lap 2 we saw the biggest crash this season. Thornton and Ridley collide on the straight in P19 and collect a number of cars behind the biggest winner in this was Duncan Marais who made it through unscathed.

Marais goes on to fight Amundaray for P16 whilst the Top 3 in this race also the top 3 in the championship start to pull a gap to the rest of the field.

Morse and Germany make contact in T1 handing P5 to Bayliffe and P6 to Downing whilst Germany falls to 7th. This pushes Germany into a 5 car battle involving Caylor, Downing, Van Der Woude and Dempsey - with Caylor coming out on top.

An epic finale on the penultimate lap - Burkhard sends into the final corner to pass Cranstone who led since the start, side by side down the straight and into T1 with Cranstone on the outside, King out manoeuvres them both by switching back and taking the lead from 3rd into T2.

Lap 15 Cranstone has an attempt on King - they go side by side through the final 2 corners but King leads the way with Cranstone second and Burkhard in 3rd.

Feature Race and Andy Fox looks to have regained some fortune as he leads into T1, Jan Weißwange and Agard rub into the final corner putting Jan into a spin and taking out Ridley into the pitlane.

After contact from Morse, Downing spins into T3 taking Dempsey and King with him but Cranstone manages to slip through. King then gets an unsafe pit entry and a 40s stop hold.

Win it or Bin it Racing are 1, 2 on lap 4 but Bayliffe makes a move into T2 and Germany follows him through. Germany makes an amazing move on Bayliffe for the lead on lap 12 before they both come into the pits. Burkhard gets hit by Fox as they go 3 wide into T2. Germany ends up getting a penalty for crossing the white line on exit and pits again losing another strong result. Cranstone sweeps round T1 to regain the lead from Bayliffe who exits the pits.

The battle heats up for P10 with Burkhard, Amundaray, Majarech, Alfer-Henriksen and Ray Oliver all dicing away. With 4 laps to go Morse takes P2 from Jon Bayliffe but later receives a 10 second penalty for spinning Downing and taking Fox out of the race pushing him down to P7.

Jon is under pressure from Caylor and Farr as they battle into the final corners. With 2 laps to go Jon falls to 4th. Oliver and Wallace both underfuelled and pit on lap 25/25, Oliver was in P11 at the time. Dempsey and Alfer-Henriksen fight through Amundaray entering the final lap.

Cranstone wins with Caylor in second and Farr in third.

Austin Farr joins the podium club making it 18 different drivers to claim a podium - 14 of which in this season alone.

Stephen King (Pulsus eSports) takes his first lap record 0.002s faster than Cranstone.

Jake Cranstone scored a solid 71/74 points highest so far this season and makes into the double figures with his 10th win. Only 2 other drivers have managed to scrape in the 60s - Jared Caylor (60) and Stephen King (Pulsus eSports) (63).

Despite an annoying incident for Andy Fox which took him out of contention for points in the feature Win it or Bin it Racing score with all 3 drivers for the first time this season.

Ryan Smith made it to the end of a Sprint and should now climb the order through the rest of the season Whilst Dan Thornton takes his best grid position this season and possibly the better start of anybody in Round 4.

With the return of Jeremie Agard and Donni Alfer-Henriksen getting back into a groove Masters of Torque Motorsport extend their lead in the Teams' Championship.

Despite Martin Wallace reversing out his pit box, Zero Fawkes Given Racing were the second highest scoring team for the second race in a row.

Pit stops seem to be all important this season and with that added pressure comes increased mistakes. A shame for what looked to be Downunder Sim eSports' best result yet.

With Jesus Amundaray scoring well again, Iker Lekue and Cristiam Ribeiro also scoring the last 2 rounds the gap closes to Meatball Motorsport.

Both Duncan Marais and Dan Downing take their best race finishes with a 6th place each, and Huffman in 7th.

Re-watch the action here

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