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Race Report: R5 Autodromo Nazionale Monza

The virtual Temple of Speed delivered a huge dose of unpredictability and controversy...

Round 5 arrived with both nervousness and excitement in the air with many drivers not knowing what to expect at the temple of speed. As usual, Monza delivered a round that had it all. 4 Turns and a load of slipstream, what could go wrong? Cranstone continues his impressive form by taking another pole position, his 2nd in a row and 3rd out of 5 rounds. As expected Qualifying was close with 5 more cars within 0.1 of pole; Ciaran Dempsey, Dan Blake, Alex Van Der Woude, Dan Downing & Andy Fox. The complex of T1 to T3 on Lap 1 surprised us all with no crash and everyone well behaved. The biggest shock was from Jake Cranstone who jumped the start with some pre-emptive reactions, resulting in a drive through penalty.

Dan Blake makes an immediate move for P1 on Dempsey. Lap 3 brought what we expected on Lap 1, a big pile up in the complex. A knock on effect from ORD Racing's Ryan Smith braking late and nudging Jared Caylor. This checks up the field; Majerech into championship contender Burkhard spins him round, Henriksen has no where to go and collects the spun Zero Fawkes Given Racing car. This was followed by Ridley into Wallace into Ottley into Oliver. At the front a strong 6 car battle for the lead with 3 of those cars belonging to Win it or Bin it Racing as Dan Blake pushes Dempsey wide into T1 knocking him from P1 to P8. The 6th car in this lead train is none other than fan favourite Jesus Amundaray. Lap 7/14 Bayliffe makes a move for the lead on Van Der Woude and brakes too late as is the characteristic of T1 and goes straight into the wall. His season continuing not to go his way as he blows his engine and retires. With so much fighting at the front the the train gets bigger with now 12 cars fighting for P1 on lap 11/14. Meanwhile Marais and Vanolst are fighting for their lives down in P17 & P18.

3 wide into T1 on the final lap, Van Der Woude, Fox, Downing. Contact with Downing and Blake and a fantastic move from Fox they exit T3 with Fox leading Van Der Woude 2nd and Amundaray in 3rd. An emotional Sprint race with Andy Fox taking his first win in the VW Jetta Cup - making him the 9th winner in the series. Jesus Amundaray makes it to the podium for the first time with his P3. A popular podium with fans and drivers alike with Andy and Jesus getting congratulated up and down the field. Agard and King line up on the front row for the Feature with King taking P1 into to T1. Again no lap 1 crash. Cranstone is one to watch starting all the way down in P20 after his jump start sprint race.

Christopher Smith makes big contact with Jesus into T1 on lap 2 of 26.

Lap 7 saw our second pile up in T2 with Agard, R. Smith and Blake taking it 3 wide sending Ryan round into the path of Germany, Morse and Oliver. Oliver's woes continue as he has a mechanical failure which ends up with him in the wall.

Dan Downing pits for a second time after leading the feature he had sped in the pits.

Your lead 3 are Farr, King and Caylor.

In the last phase of the race King makes a rare mistake nearly copying Bayliffe and going into the wall at T1 but he gets it back on no contact but has Cranstone right behind him in P4.

Cranstone and King put rivalry aside to work together to catch the top 2 whilst Ribeiro makes contact with Ottley spinning him round.

Lap 24/26 King makes contact with Caylor which nudges Farr off track shortly followed by another hit on Lap 25.

Cranstone versus King for the final lap side by side through parabolica. Cranstone leads but Stephen has the run and takes the win on track by 0.004s. However, King receives a 10 second post race penalty, promoting Cranstone to victory.

P2 & P3 crossed the line with a gap that wont be beaten (0.000) Burkhard P2 and Lekue in P3 making it a double podium for Lurchas Gaming Team moving them from P8 to P7 - ahead of Meatball Motorsport. Thornton takes his first points of the season - 12 of them no less.

Martin Wallace takes his 2nd lap record and highest scoring round of the season so far.

Cranstone extends his lead by 1 point after what looked like a potentially disastrous round after the Sprint race.

Zero Fawkes Given Racing hold onto P3, 12 points ahead of Win it or Bin it Racing.

Re-watch the action here

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