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Race Report: R6 Oulton Park Circuit

As we start the 2nd half of the season, the virtual Cheshire hills provided a huge pile-up, and our 10th new race winner in the VW Jetta Cup...

The most techincal circuit yet and we expected the gap between drivers to be a lot bigger this time round.

Cranstone enters this round 45 points ahead of Caylor and 63 points ahead of Burkhard.

After Qualifying, there was still only 1 second between 1st and 25th but Cranstone takes a 4th pole of the season and 3rd in a row.

Ray Oliver joins him on the front row.

Cranstone has a prefect start on this 8 lap sprint, Dempsey and Bayliffe have a good scrap for P4 and Ryan Smith goes for a trip through the grass on Lap 1.

Duncan goes Tokyo Drift mode into T3 by touching the grass on entry. Joshua Germany and Alexander Van Der Woude make contact on the exit of T1 ending Alexander's Sprint. Christopher Smith copies Duncan and slides through T3 collecting ORD team mate Ryan Smith. Dan Thornton passes them both.

Final Lap, final chance for Jon to to grab a podium from King, side by side from the hairpin to the chicane, Bayliffe inside, King holds it outside, Bayliffe makes contact and spins round and drops to 14th.

Burkhard makes a sweeping statement by passing Dempsey on the outside of the last corner on the last lap for P4 with King holding on to P3 and Ray Oliver with a storming drive takes P2 making him the 18th new podium sitter this season alone.

Cranstone wins the Sprint, Downing takes Feature Pole.

Henriksen goes straight into P1 before T1, and a big pile up in T3.

This is pivotal as Jake Cranstone touches the grass on entry and spins, collecting Ray Oliver and Andy Fox who then slide and collect Vanolst, Germany, Ridley, Amundaray and even C. Smith, Marais and Thornton went off after Weißwange snowballed down the grass.

Henry Morse pulls the move of the race on Downing on L3 into the chicane. Lekue and Van Der Woude battle away for P13 and Downing out as he makes contact with Morse into the hairpin.

Henry Morse disconnected after a strong and clean round - on for a top 5 in the Feature.

Blake exits the pit side by side with leader Henriksen the battle continues and Blake takes the lead into the chicane.

Fox and Caylor in the wall as they go 3 wide with Germany making a lucky escape. Ridley great avoidance.

A train of 9 cars together after 16 laps of racing with a pit stop.

Dan Blake becomes the 10th race winner in the VW Jetta Cup in 18 rounds across 2 seasons.

This now makes Win it or Bin it Racing the only team with a full line up of race winners.

This does mean that despite Jake Cranstone's rare mistake, Masters of Torque further extend their lead due to Donni Alfer-Henriksen taking P2. Austin Farr rounds off the Podium in P3.

Ondřej Majerech took 2 top 10 finishes and Greg Ottley a season best P9 Feature result.

Jon Bayliffe did take the lap record whilst Daniel Downing collects 1 point from his DNF by keeping the fastest lap of the Feature.

Re-watch the action here

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Feature Race

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