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Race Report: R7 Donington Park Racing Circuit

The final European race of the season was a thriller, setting up a sizzling championship going into the final rounds...

Cranstone enters the final round of the European leg with a 37 point lead from Burkhard. King and Caylor separated by 1 point for P3.

Sam Vanolst Narrowly misses out on Pole by 0.001s.

King 0.007 and Andy Fox by 0.043 but Fox does take the Lap Record for his Feature fastest lap.

Cranstone takes 4th pole in a row and 5th of the season.

Tyre temps were all the talk in paddock building up to this race and who got caught out on lap 1 T1, none other than Champ leader Jake Cranstone. Slides round T1 handing the lead to Vanolst and King.

Fox goes wide at T1 trying to pass Cranstone on lap 2.

Thornton and Lekue in the pits.

Burkhard and Cranstone going at it for P3 whilst Duncan Marais moves over on C. Smith on the straight and enters the chicane backwards taking the unlucky Bayliffe with him. Blake and Agard and others also collected.

4 laps in and Vanolst still holds P2 but Burkhard makes a great move moving Vanolst down to P3 with Cranstone still pressuring.

Farr Spins on lap 7.

Vanolst puts up a defensive masterclass holding onto P3 for 9/10 laps with Cranstone eventually getting past on the last lap into the chicane after fighting back past Caylor.

Van Der Woude makes a move on Fox for P7 into the final chicane but bounces over the kerb and gets a slowdown, Majerech takes P6 Fox P7 and Henriksen P8. Van Der Woude to P10.

Vanolst nearly joined the podium club after a brilliant defence but Cranstone managed to claw his way through.

Oliver takes reverse Pole with Wallace in P2 and we all remember what happened last time in season 1.

Great start from Oliver, Germany and Amundaray go flying off in the second half of the lap.

Agard hit by Blake and Ryan Smith collected.

Cranstone brakes late into King and Vanolst but they all survive.

Not for long though as Cranstone touches Vanolst into T1 and spits him off with Ridley whilst also losing positions himself.

Downing, Fox and King pull the trigger on the stops on lap 6 with Henriksen pitting lap 7 coming out side by side with Fox and being pushed off at T1 handing a position to King.

After the stops Morgan comes out in the lead.

Dempsey makes contact with Oliver receiving a Pen which could have big implications on the tight battle with Lurchas Gaming Team and Meatball Motorsport.

Henriksen and Fox touch into the chicane and Fox drops down from a decent P4 finish on lap 12/19 down to P15.

Marais and Blake go off by themselves.

Lap 15/19 Cranstone is P7 chasing Martin Wallace.

Amundaray, Agard, Germany and Lekue all fight for the final points position.

Van Der Woude has 5 cars pressuring him for P4, Henriksen and Cranstone working together to try and get past.

Donni Alfer-Henriksen and Alexander van der Woude completed nearly 2 full laps side by side at speed whilst somehow for the second week in a row ORD cars found themselves fighting for the same patch of road a little too closely.

Morgan Burkhard takes a massive haul of 69 points after he and Stephen King take a double podium round making it 6 podiums each to Jake Cranstone's 7.

Daniel Downing joins the podium roster with P2 in the Feature making it 20 different podium sitters this season alone.

Zero Fawkes Given Racing take the most points this round closing in 15 points towards Win it or Bin it Racing who also closed 20 points on Pulsus eSports.

Despite penalties, Meatball Motorsport close 9 points on Lurchas Gaming Team.

Martin Wallace takes his best scoring round yet with an extremely tight finish of 0.003 to Ciaran Dempsey in the feature (pens excluded) whilst 7 rounds in we are still seeing people make fuel mistakes, whether that's too much fuel for the Downunder Sim eSports cars or too little for the likes of Iker Lekue or Martin Wallace.

4 drivers enter the final 3 rounds with 0 pen points and only 1 of those has 0 warnings - Ondřej Majerech.

Break week is much needed and then a final American triple header with only 12 points between Burkhard and Cranstone.

Re-watch the action here

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