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Race Report: R8 Lime Rock Park

One particular driver displayed a racing masterclass, leaving the rest of the field in admiration...

The drivers are returning to the USA for the final leg of S2.

All 3 of the remaining rounds have already featured in S1 so this should provide and advantage for the original S1 competitors. Heading into Round 8 Burkhard has really asserted his championship intent - closing Cranstone’s lead to just 12 points! Other close battles down the field include Farr Vs Van Der Woude separated by just 1 point fighting for P5.

Fox and Agard are tied with 101 points for P20.

Bayliffe takes his first pole of the season with a brilliant lap. Championship rivals Burkhard and Cranstone and behind just 0.023 and 0.063 respectively. The top 3 get away well and slot in as they started.

With Burkhard desperate to gain a points advantage over Cranstone he pushes too hard through Diving Turn.

This allows Cranstone to breeze by down the Pit Straight and into P2.

Lap 7 R.Smith attempts a move on Wallace. Wallace holds it around the outside of Big Bend and keeps P15.

This allows Alfer-Henriksen to squeeze through. Lap 9 Cranstone pulls off a fantastic move around the outside of Bayliffe to take the lead! Burkhard replicates the move on Bayliffe a lap later, moving him up to P2.

Morse and Weiswange make contact sending Morse head first onto the barriers.

The battle for reverse grid pole (P12) is really heating up with 10 cars battling for the place.

King tries to hold on but gets it snatched away by Alfer-Henriksen. Cranstone wins the sprint from Burkhard and Bayliffe.

Alfer-Henriksen starts on reverse grid pole alongside Ottley.

It was a clean start for all the drivers until Germany and Farr come together at West Bend. Both falling to the back of the field.

Caylor goes off by himself from P3 and hits the barriers.

Ribeiro also ends up backwards into the tyres.

Alfer-Henriksen is trying to pull away but Ottley will not let him go.

The pair pull a 2 second gap on the field.

The pit stops commence from Lap 5 with Burkhard choosing to pit early. Cranstone stays out, chasing down Ridley for P6 before passing him on Lap 7.

By Lap 11 Alfer-Henriksen and Ottley pull into the pit lane leaving Cranstone and Ridley leading the way.

Cranstone stays out as long as he can putting in fast laps with the clean track ahead. Ridley smartly tucked into his slipstream.

Lap 16 Van Der Woude and Majerech collide at the top of Uphill. Lap 17 Cranstone and Ridley eventually pit and Ridley jumps Cranstone in the stop! The pair come out in the lead ahead of Alfer-Henriksen, Dempsey and Downing.

Cranstone makes quick work of dispatching Ridley as he makes a move up the inside of Uphill.

This allows Alfer-Henriksen to pass a lap later (after a little bit of contact). Dempsey attempts to pass Ridley too but is pushed wide in Big Bend. Meanwhile Burkhard has made his way up to P4. But on Lap 21 he attempts to pass Ridley around the outside of Big Bend.

They make contact and Burkhard gets a drive through penalty for exceeding the incident limit.

Cranstone leads home Alfer-Henriksen for an excellent double victory and a 1-2 for Masters of Torque Motorsport.

Ridley holds on for P3. Burkhard unfortunately ends up P16 - scuppering his championship hopes. After that triumphant result Masters of Torque further extend their lead in the teams championship.

Bayliffe takes his first pole of the season and takes P6 in the drivers with his results.

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